Kelly Thompson-Frater, AIA

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with BS-Architecture
  • Registered Architect, State of Texas
  • Established Thompson-Frater Architects, 1984
  • Prior work with 100+ and 15 person architectural firms, non-profit rehab company, and individual contractors
  • Work usually located in older (1970's or earlier) neighborhoods, specializing in remodeling or new construction that is compatible to the existing house and neighborhood
  • Extensive experience with historical buildings, and working with Historic Tax Credit for renovating buildings on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Specific jobs range in size from 10 sq. ft. (closet) on up; hourly consultation to full drawings
  • Active in professional, community and school projects

Since 1984 when Thompson-Frater Architects was started, we have been hired to remodel everything from a closet to an entire shell of a building. Predominately in the residential and small commercial markets, the work has allowed us to see the struggles of remodeling. Therefore, we are determined to assist  clients in making their buildings more useful and enjoyable by re-thinking first.

That could mean adding space or re-using space already there but just in a better manner.  Re-thinking building usage can be cheaper than adding on!   In these days of sustainablility awareness, re-thinking can also keep massive amounts of building waste out of landfills. 
In the case of historic buildings, property values can be greater when the historic building has been maintained.  Granted, remodeling is sometimes more difficult.  However, proper evaluation is always one of the first steps taken when beginning a project where an existing building is involved.

This website will be used to update you on the progress of projects to inspire you and to solicit comments or inquiries.  TFA is available for consultations for architectural services. 
When in doubt, don't tear out - just stay tuned!!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions/comments.